Friday, September 9, 2011

Author Submission Bombed

Persistent writer leaves script in briefcase outside office of literary agent who calls bomb squad

This movie really bombed - but not at the box office.

Los Angeles cops clad in protective suits had to blow up a "suspicious" briefcase Thursday outside the office of a Beverly Hills literary agent.

The LAPD bomb squad feared an explosive was inside - but it turned out to be nothing more than a struggling screenwriter's movie script that the agent couldn't have cared less about.

The writer wasn't around to see his dream blown to bits, but cops were questioning him following the fireworks. Police did not release his name.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm laughing so hard it hurts! Unbelievable! :)

  2. Hahahaha! If that writer is smart, his next story will be based on this experience.

  3. *Laughing!* Post 9/11, why on earth did the author think this sort of thing wouldn't happen to a briefcase with unknown contents? :D :D

  4. Jessica, Katie, Lorna--glad to share a laugh with y'all today.

    Katie--you're right, but I wonder whose POV he'd write from? :D

  5. Funny and sad all at the same time. Poor writer. Poor agent. Can you imagine the thoughts going through the L.A.'s head? "Great! Some nut job that I rejected is trying to blow me up!"

    I remember on Nathan Bransford's blog one time he told about a man who came to his offices looking kinda sketchy - I think he said the man was wearing a skull cap and sunglasses, but don't quote me on that part. Anyhow, the man asked to speak to Nathan. Nathan refused to go down and talk to him (left his secretary to deal with the guy! Note to self: Think carefully before taking the secretarial job at a big-name agent's company...) and it turned out the man simply wanted to hand him a proposal.

    Why don't writers think through these things more carefully? Yeesh!

  6. LOL Wonder if he took it as an omen?! Bet he doesn't do that again! Too funny!