Friday, October 29, 2010

Fabulously Fun Friday: A Day in the Life of a Writer

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  1. Awesome! My day usually consist of my kids jumping on my back, my lap, my shoulders as I try to write and then begging me for Goldfish.

    Starbucks would be a dream, but I know I couldn't concentrate there either.
    ~ Wendy

  2. I'll take Starbucks coffee, but I think I'd probably go crazy trying to write there. Probably drive everyone else crazy with my loud music!

  3. I've sadly never written at Starbucks...No money to. :P The park is awesome, though. (Even when crazy college students ask you if you're going to college and what classes your taking, and when little kids stare at you silently because you're banging your head on the (iron) table because you're having a mind block.)

  4. The head banging is a large part of the reason I generally choose not to write in a public place.